5 Ways To Ruin Your Business Card


A business card is one of your first calls to action you will be providing to you client, making it pivotal that you get it right first time, otherwise, you have just gave them a bit of paper with your name in which will soon be stuck to another person’s shoe. As oppose to telling you everything to do right, I will tell you everything you can potentially do wrong with your business card.

Use a variety of dark colours

If you want to potentially bore your client and drive him into a state of depression, then go ahead mix black and burgundy. Colours send subliminal messages that speak louder than words, if your brand is going for something humorous then be bright and bold don’t just use stale dark colours that mean you have to put your font in white.

Fill it with pre loaded clip art

Clip art will not only cheapen your business card, it will cheapen your brand. Clients can tell how long you spent on your design with a glance of an eye, try and get an elegant logo on your card so it can create brand recognition as well as add some swish.

Don’t integrate with technology

Online is a great way to present more information and a great way to confirm a sale. You would be astonished for the amount of people who still rely on traditional methods to communicate to their market. It’s not too hard to find these businesses, just look in the yellow pages. I would advise using both new methods as well as traditional; obviously this is dependent on your industry. In order to successfully integrate with technology you should use a QR code as this will directly guide them to the encrypted URL. If you do not want to present your client with more information then I would not integrate with technology.

Use cheap paper

Business owners like nothing more than a cheap business card crowding their wallet. They would not like a strong durable card that speaks volumes for their business. Having a light business card means it is easily damaged, and this won’t be the only thing damaged, your brand may become tarnished too for cutting costs.

Use loads of fancy graphics

Having hundreds of swirling dragons coming out of your business card will not do you any favours. It is advised to keep it short and concise with your title clearly at the top. The title allows the client to see exactly how you can help them and what your role is. Just think as if it was a label, you need to know what product you’re using, so if you’re the social media manager clearly have that at the top.

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