PC Power Supplies – Essential Buyers Information


All electrical equipment needs to have a power supply and your pc is no different. If your find that you are unable to turn on your pc you need to take a look at the power supply. Many people will incorrectly assume that their pc has broken down and needs to be replaced when the problem lies with the power supply.

If you need to buy a new power supply for your pc you need to know what you are looking for and this guide will help you.

Replace or Upgrade Your Power Supply

If you are replacing your power supply you will need to buy one that is similar to the one that you had inside your pc. In most cases you will be able to find this information by simply taking the back off your pc tower and making note of which power supply you have been using. If you are looking to upgrade to a better power supply check with the retailer to ensure that you are getting one that is compatible with your pc.

People who like to build their own pcs will have the power supply in mind that they need and this makes choosing a power supply simple. You need to have in mind that a low quality power supply can reduce the lifespan of your pc and it can cause it to be instable. So if you are looking for reliability you need to look towards the mid priced power supplies.


You should never buy a power supply for a pc believing that it will be ideal for your computer as they are not all the same. Some are used to power simple home computers whereas others are more suited for use with rack systems that need more power. By reading the specifications on the power supply you will be able to identify the one that is the best choice for your pc.

Energy Saving

These power supplies can save you a lot of money and they are very efficient to run. This is often a key consideration for people who tend to use their pc a lot during the day and night. By choosing an energy saving power supply you will also be helping the environment which is another plus point.

Low Noise

If you are working on a pc all day it can be very annoying if it makes a lot of noise. To keep noise to a minimum you can opt for a low noise model which will give you excellent power output without sounding as though you have an aeroplane taking off under your computer desk. The noise that is made by a pc tends to be from the fans, so choose a supply that has a large fan as this will reduce the noise that it makes significantly.

High Efficiency

A power supply is used to convert the energy it gets from the plug socket into a smaller amount of energy to power the pc. If you want to have great efficiency you need to choose a supply that can do this using less electricity. By doing this you will also be saving yourself money over time, which is a bonus.

Fanless Power Supplies

Fans are needed in PC power supplies to cool them down and prevent them from overheating. If this happens the pc will malfunction and vital data can be lost. If you want a power supply that is virtually silent, one without a fan is ideal.

Installing the Power Supply

Always make sure you know what you are doing when you install your new power supply. Thankfully the process of doing this is quite simple and straightforward; you can just unhook the original power supply and slide it out of the tower before slotting the new one in and reconnecting it.

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