Top Tips When Staying in the UK


Top Tips When Staying in the UK

So many families are deciding where to spend their family vacations this year and the next. With us slowly recovering from the serious financial crisis we have been in over the past year, it is no surprise that more people are turning to places within the UK.

Holidays to Spain, France alongside distant and exotic islands have been forgotten as so many of us are keeping our roots firmly planted right here on home soil because of our tight budgets. Yet it must be asked why not? There is so much of our beautiful country you have probably not explored. Each part of the UK is unique in its own way and each quaint town has so much to offer for both adults and children.

Plan Your Vacation

A great advantage of visiting a town like Northampton (for example) on your vacation this year and the next is that you can turn it into a fun road trip. There is a good selection of serviced apartments in the area which makes it easier for families and business travellers to enjoy their time at their own pace. I’ve always preferred the self-catering option over hotel service as you get to have a home away from home which offers you great comfort and convenience.

Ensure that you always plan your road trip with a number of stops; especially when travelling with younger children. Make it a fun experience so the drive isn’t long and boring. The great thing is there are lots of places to visit and see along the way.

Sights for the Adults

Northampton has no shortage of fantastic sights; although of course the biggest draw card to the area is the famous Silverstone race track. If you are lucky enough to be there on a race day, be sure to pop past, it is well worth it.

There is also the spectacular beauty of the eighteenth century manor house Kalmar’s Hall with its magnificently landscaped gardens set in the rolling Northamptonshire countryside.

Spend the days improving your golf game at the selection of pristine golf courses or relax at one of the wonderful day spas and enjoy some time being pampered away from the family.

The Canal Museum is always a bit hit for the entire family with two floors filled with a selection of items, boats and so much more.

For those looking to soak up some history and culture, Northampton is brimming with museums and art galleries and they can be found everywhere, often just a few steps from Northampton’s serviced apartments.

Children’s Activities

When you think of holidaying in the UK you have to wonder about activities for the children; especially at this time of year when we experience very cold and wet weather. However there is so much that you can enjoy as a family in Northampton despite the weather.

There is The Pinnacle, which is a huge climbing centre with over one hundred routes. They also offer some smaller climbing walls for the children and it’s a wonderful way to let the children have some fun before you return to your apartment,completely exhausted.

The Abington Museum is always a big plus for families with a selection of historical artefacts for the whole family to see and explore. But let’s not forget the one thing that Northampton has and that is their abundance of parks. A game of football with the family or a picnic under the tree can be enjoyed everywhere.

For a wet day there is the wonderful Rookery Open Farm which is a working farm, but they have a good petting zoo and the bonus is that it’s all undercover. Here children can interact with the rabbits, sheep and goats. There are also two play areas for the children while you relax with a drink in the tea room.

I haven’t forgotten the younger children: there is the Adventure World Centre, a large indoor soft play area where children of all ages can let off some steam.

When it comes to travelling within the UK, it’s always worthwhile to visit new areas, explore our beautiful country; you may be surprised as to what you find in the least likely of places.

Choosing serviced apartments gives you a home away from home when holidaying in Northampton. Enjoy the convenience, comfort and affordability these apartments have to offer whether you are in the area for a night or a week or two.

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