What To Do Before An MOT


Checking a vehicle before an MOT is very important. The number of problems which are detected during this annual test can cost a lot of money to fix. There are many things to check so that it doesn’t cost as much to make a vehicle roadworthy again:

Pump up tyres

There should be sufficient pressure in each tyre. Tyre pressure can be checked with a pressure gauge and, after finding out how much pressure it should have, a vehicle can be taken to a garage in order to pump it up. Visit martin-bike.com here you will get the necessary guidance  on tyre pressure.

Assess tyre tread

If there is one tyre in particular that doesn’t have sufficient tread, added expense accrues because it will have to be replaced with a brand new tyre. A coin can be placed in the main grooves of a tyre to see how deep tread is. For a more accurate reading, use a tyre tread gauge. If tyre tread is too low, change it with a spare tyre. As the tread of a spare tyre will be much deeper, a vehicle won’t fail an annual test because of insufficient tread.

Take a look at the windscreen

A cracked windscreen is one of the main reasons why a vehicle is not deemed roadworthy. If a windscreen has a small crack, it is recommended that it is changed by a mechanic. When a windscreen has no blemishes, it can pass a test. For additional information on how to thoroughly clean the inside of a car’s windscreen, visit this website: https://www.thetwincoach.com/

Check a license plate

When a license plate is cracked, it cannot pass an annual check-up because it is breaking the law. Every vehicle must have a complete license plate so that a registration number can be looked at very quickly. If police see a vehicle that has a cracked license plate, a driver could be stopped and a fine might be issued. As soon as a crack appears or a registration plate breaks in half, it has to be replaced.

Determine how high oil levels are

When a vehicle has a low oil level, it isn’t roadworthy. Oil levels can be checked with a dipstick and it won’t take long to do so. If oil levels are low, replenish them. By making sure that an engine is well lubricated, it won’t fail an annual check-up because of this reason alone. In fact, checking oil levels and putting in new oil if necessary can be done quickly. New drivers who haven’t tended to a vehicle before will discover that refilling oil levels is one of the easiest things that they can do. As it is relatively self-explanatory, a driver could refill their tank like clockwork without questioning how to do so.

Have a vehicle serviced

If a driver cannot do the aforementioned, a car servicing can be done by a mechanic shortly before an MOT. When a vehicle is serviced beforehand, the problems which it has are fixed. As a result, it is highly likely that a vehicle will pass this annual test on the first attempt and a driver won’t accrue additional expense.

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