What Type Of Education Do I Need To Become A Software Developer?


Are you interested in becoming a software developer? In this technological age, computer software developers have almost unlimited career opportunities. Those who are skilled usually have their choice of employers or can grow their own prosperous business. This isn’t the type of profession you can jump into without rigorous training, however. Education is critical for software developers.

Is College Required for a Career in Software Development?

Though you may be able to teach yourself basic software development, potential employers probably won’t take you seriously without a college degree. A four year degree is more advantageous than a two year, and a heavy dose of mathematics and IT classes are desirable. That’s not to say it’s impossible to succeed without a degree. With hard work you can master the rudimentary skills required and find entry level work. Experience and an impressive resume will take you from there. If you do some volunteer programming for organizations, you’ll be able to flesh out your resume sooner.

College Gets You Where You Want to Go Faster

Most universities today offer excellent educations for those working towards a career in software development. If you have the opportunity to attend a brick and mortar college, go for it. For many people, however, it just isn’t feasible to go to college in the traditional manner, especially if a suitable school is not located near your home. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams, however. Today there are many accredited schools available online. You’ll get the same training and the same degree and gain the flexibility you need to make an education possible. Students at most online colleges are eligible for the same financial aid available to traditional students.

Committ to Lifetime Learning

IT is constantly changing. If you want to be a part of it, you have to be willing to keep learning as long as you are working. Unless you are prepared to keep up with the latest developments in the future, you will probably never advance very far. The key to a successful IT career is to keep making yourself valuable to your clients or employer. That means evolving as necessary. Just because you graduated does not mean you can stop learning. That’s one of the exciting things about this career choice; it will never be stagnant.

Becoming a software developer is a smart career strategy if this is the type of work you love. If you are detail oriented, have an analytical mind, and are willing to keep learning and growing, you can look forward to a successful IT career ahead.

About the Author: Dylan Dopazo is a seasoned software developer who enjoys using test automation systems to make sure his programs are working properly. Learn as much as you can and your business will grow.

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