Why It Is Good To Sign Agreement With Skip Hire Company


Skip Hire Companies across the globe, including Skip Hire Wembley render invaluable services to their clients who rely upon the former as they expect these service providers to fulfil their expectations to their entire satisfaction by way of disposing off the requisite material at the destination and in time too. However, it is advised that the agreements pertaining to all terms and conditions are initiated in writing. This will not only avoid confusions and unwanted litigation at later stages but will also ensure that both, i.e. the Skip Hire Company and the client adhere to the agreement. The major benefits of inking out and signing the agreement are furnished as under.

No misunderstanding – A written agreement with signatures of the Skip Hire Company and that of the client saves both of them from any type of misunderstandings. The inked out and signed agreement contains the nature of the disposable items, their quantity, place of collection and disposal, type of skip – whether open or closed, time of collection of the material and all other aspects related to the material etc. As everything is written, the clientcannot ask the company to take away the material that is not specified in the agreement. The Skip Hire Company also cannot refuse to collect the material from the place, mentioned in the agreement and at the specified day and time.

Transparency about payment– Written agreements in respect of Skip Hire Company save it and the client from disputes of payment as the total amount for the services is there in black and white. The agreement also specifies whether the total payment is to be made in advance or after completion of the entire work. It can be settled with mutual consent, usually by agreeing for half payment in advance and the balance half after the job is completed. In any case, written and signed agreements are recommended for fair accomplishment.

No extra waiting period – The written agreement for availing the services of Skip Hire Company specifies the waiting period for the skips that is generally ten minutes. If they have to wait for more than that, the client is usually liable to make extra payment. It is a strong measure to save the company from unwanted waiting and compels the client to abstain from taking unnecessary time for getting the disposable items loaded into the skip. Thus it is good to have a written and signed agreement.

Period of service – Persons who require larger amount of disposable items to be lifted from any place have to ask either for bigger skips or the smaller ones that have to make additional trips for collection and disposal of the waste material. It results in extended period of service on the part of the Skip Hire Company that will undoubtedly charge more than the usual rates. If everything is inked out in the agreement and is signed by the client and the company, both will be saved from unwanted quarrels or court litigations.

In brief, a written agreement signed by the Skip Hire Company and the client is always good for all concerned.

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